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Hafen der Seglervereinigung Pinnau e.V.


The marina of „Seglervereinigung Pinnau“ is a small marina near the mouth of River Pinnau, a side river of River Elbe. It is embedded in nature. The marina is separated from the river by a gate, which opens two hours before high water and closes with high water time. At weekends, the gate service closes the gate half an hour after high water time.

Navigation: After passing the Pinnau storm surge barrier you find the marina entry lying on the left-hand side. Be aware that the gate has opened already before passing it. The closed gate is marked with a red-white plate. The gate can be passed by vessels of the width up to 4m. If the gate is still closed, wait alongside berth 500m upstream. The harbour depth is between 2,5 and 1,5 m referenced to the upper edge of the gate. During ebb tide, the harbour loses about 0,5 m to guarantee the opening period of the gate.

Facilities: toilets, showers, electricity and partly water at the berths. Crane for rigging. Slipway for boats up to 10 tons weight.


You can only book a berth at this marina. The marina fee has to be paid in the harbour office upon arrival.

The prices are 1,00 EUR per starting boat-meter.

Every third night is for free.

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+49 176 44658539 (Guntram Seiß, Harbour Master)

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