Ejerslev marina is a uniquely landscaped modern marina located in the Limfjord, Denmark.

It has marvellous views of the fjords and the man-made lagoon where you can walk around the slopes admiring the colourful patterns of the mole cliffs as well as look for fossils. There are several hiking and biking tracks available.

Some other popular activities while visiting this marina include trout-fishing on the pier, paragliding from the hill as well as trying to spot some seals with binoculars on the sandbank near Ejerslev Shoal. There is also a small museum nearby, which documents the historical development of the marina.

High above the marina, you will find Café Lagunen with a lovely view of the Limfjord. There are barbeque areas available as well. The grocery store is located 4km from the marina. You can borrow a bike for a shopping trip if needed.


0,00 m. – 15,00 m.DKK 120

Pay for your berth or mooring at Ejerslev marina using the self-service payment terminal.


+45 23 86 87 51