The history of the Asaa Harbor dates as far back as to 1877 when the harbor was built as an island harbor.

In the period 1905 to 1977, the harbor has been expanded, where the last expansion in 1976 – 1977 was the construction of a marina with room for approx. 175 vessels.

The marina is located north of the old harbor basins.

Today, Asaa harbor consists of 3 pools, where in the marina the bridge and bollards are moored. In the others, long ships and a limited number can be moored at bollards.

Available berths are indicated by a green sign. In the southernmost basin there is access to crane and bedding.

Just south of the harbor is a good and child-friendly beach. Asaa Harbor has great toilet and bathing facilities, washing machine, tumble dryer, free bicycle lending, harbor grill, playground etc.

At the Asaa Harbor there is a small cozy harbor museum with a collection of fishing gear, ship engines, ship radios, sonar and navigation equipment used throughout the ages.


  • 0,00 m. – 10,00 m. 120,00 DKK
  • 10,00 m. – 15,00 m. 140,00 DKK

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+45 98 85 15 12

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