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Anchorage Jadrišćica


Anchorage Jadrišćica is located on the most southern part of the island Cres, near the countryside called Punta Križa which is an oasis of biodiversity and peace, with rich flora and fauna.

This is the most wind protected bay in this area providing an ideal natural cruising base. The bay is almost 2km long, 100 to 400 m wide, with the depth of 25 m at the entrance, and 4 to 6 m at the anchorage site.

Anchorage Jadrišćica can accommodate 60 vessels of length up to 20m and drat up 4m. Vessels are docked along floating pontoons, anchored with mooring lines. All berths are provided with power and fresh water.


  • 0,00 m. – 12,00 m. 150,00 HRK
  • 12,00 m. – 16,00 m. 200,00 HRK
  • 16,00 m. – 20,00 m. 300,00 HRK
  • 20,00 m. – 24,00 m. 400,00 HRK

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