Access from the sea
From Abruka safe water buoy (58°09.34’ N; 22°35.58’ E; LFl W 10 s) follow the Roomassaare leading line 321.5°–141.5° (Oc W/R/G 4 s – Oc W 4 s) to WP (58°10.21’ N; 22°34.29’ E). Follow the Abruka harbour leading line 251.3°–71.6° (Fl(2) W 4 s – Fl W 4 s). The breakwater heads are marked with light beacons Fl R 3 s and Fl G 3 s. Strong winds from the north can make the entry complicated. Exposed to E and NE winds.

Abruka is a small island near Kuressaare, which welcomes you with its special nature. On the island you can visit a grove forest that is under protection and quite special being the only forest of its kind in Europe to be located this far north. Abruka island has a boat connection with Saaremaa, Roomassaare harbour. For schedules and booking check https://www.saarelaevapiletid.ee

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