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Our inspiration for you to visit Bremen

If you are sailing in Northern Germany, you should plan in a short stay in the maritime city Bremen. The beautiful old town with its UNESCO sites are always worth a visit and you will discover a beautiful city which is not only famous for the Bremer Musicians 😉

Bremen is a beautiful old trading city with the Weser flowing though it. Back in the days, Bremen was in the Hanseatic League which is an economic alliance of trading cities along the coast of Northern Europe in the late Middle Ages.

The Harba Team is lucky to have two colleagues from Bremen, who are working in our office in Copenhagen. Therefore we can tell you from first hand experiences as local Bremers and as tourists, what you can do in the Hanseatic town 🙂

Market Square

Bremen has two UNESCO World Heritage sites around the market square dating back over 1000 years. Our team honestly believes that this market square is one of the prettiest market squares in Germany. As you will see, there is a lot of fun things to do in Bremen!

Building by the Market Square

Building by the Market Square

Bremen Town Hall

On the market square you will find the Renaissance Bremen Town Hall (Rathaus) – an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even though I am from Bremen, the Town Hall never seizes to amaze me. It is always impressing to see it’s beautiful and golden facade, the details and style. It was built in the Gothic style in the early 15th century and renovated again in the 17th century, but this time in the Weser Renaissance style.


Bremen Market Square

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Square is the Roland Statue which dates back to 1410. According to the legend, Bremen will remain free and independent as long as Roland stands and watches over the city. Make sure to come by and visit him while he protects the city 🙂


Bremer Roland

St. Peter’s Cathedral

There is also St. Peter’s Cathedral, a 1200 year old cathedral and the oldest church in Bremen. If you’re up for it, you can climb the 256 steps for a great view over the city. Even if you decide not to go into the church, the view of the cathedral and the Town Hall next to each other always fascinates me with its beauty!



The Town Musicians Statue based on the Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tale is also close by.

Town Musicians

Based on the Brother’s Grimm fairy tale, the story goes that a donkey, dog, cat and rooster head into the world and want to make a better life for themselves in Bremen, without an owner as musicians. Ironically they didn’t make it to Bremen, but the story has a happy ending.


Town Musicians

Legend has it that if you touch the donkey’s legs, you will have good luck 😉


After visiting the market place and surroundings, you can go for a short walk towards the Weser. Just a couple of minutes walking and you will get to the “Schlachte”.

Bremen Schlachte

Bremen Schlachte

Various cafĂ©s and cozy restaurant are lined up at the riverside with a beautiful view towards the Weser and historical ships. As a local, I always loved to come to this place for a drink, especially during warm summer nights 🙂

Böttcher Street

Böttcher Street has been transformed into a unique street, with a lot of work of art with carvings, museums and paintings along the streets. Besides the beautiful buildings, you can find the Glockenspiel House where 30 bells ring 3 times a day. Böttcher Street is not long, but you can wander and get inspired for a while in there.

Böttcher Street

Böttcher Street

Söge Street

Another popular street in Bremen with a vivid history is Söge Street located at the beginning of the inner city.


Pigs in the Söge Street

It is a popular shopping street worth a short visit before you sail away. Personally have no trouble finding it as the entrance of Söge Street is marked with a statue of a swine herder and several pigs.


After all the sight seeing, you might want to take a break from the cultural things and go for a shopping spree. In that case we would highly recommend to spend a few hours in the Waterfront shopping mall.



As the name says, the mall is by the water close to the industrial harbour. You will find various kinds of shops, boutique, a food court and a cinema in there. It is the perfect go-to place for a rainy day.

Bremen Nord

I also recommend my home town for a day trip. It is a beautiful calm part, a bit outside of Bremen city centre.

Bremen Vegesack

Bremen Vegesack

If you have the time, you should go for a walk along the Weser from Bremen Lesum to the harbour and promenade of Bremen Vegesack. The cute suburbs of Bremen are definitely worth a visit! And just in case you’re still not convinced of all the fun things to do in Bremen, my home town is also home to the Becks beer and according to me, it’s the best beer in the world 😉

As you can read, Bremen is a wonderful city and you should take a short break from sailing the seas and visit it 🙂
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