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What is Harba?


Harba allows you to easily pay for berth or mooring. You just dock, pay through your phone and get all the codes and information you need to use the facilities of the harbour. Several marinas even allow you to book spots in advance through Harba. When you reserve a spot you will get a map with an overview of the harbour.

Harba’s main goal is to make life easier for both sailors and harbour personnel.

Sailors have an easy overview over the harbours and marinas in Northern Europe from our integrated map and can choose the harbour they want to go to.

Harba is helping harbourmasters who want to focus less on money-collecting and more on great service and being a good host. Harba also allows people who have a permanent berth to report trips so that their berth can be used by visitors while they are away. Harba is totally free of charge for the harbours and only requires that we can send you e-mails. Access to a browser allows you to get the full benefits from our ”Harbamaster” system.


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